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Spooky Sprays

These spooky sprays are the perfect addition to any haunt that is looking for that finally touch of realism. These come in a wide variety of smells both good and bad. These scents are alcohol free so there is less likelihood of skin irritation, quicker evaporation, and that nasty smell of alcohol that takes away from the smell of the scent. 

They come in 2oz, 4oz, and 8oz. Please message us for any size bigger than 8oz.

  • Alcohol Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Avaiable in 2oz, 4oz, and 8oz

Absolutely Amazing!
These scents are the BEST horrible scents I have ever smelled so far! No words can explain how great it was. Thanks!
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Reviewed by:  from Whittier CA. on 3/9/2015
Haunt Owner
We purchased poop, gun powder, mildew, catacomb, and engine oil. We used these scents to add to the haunt. It really added to the haunt. After we put it in the haunt we kinda got use to the smell and we thought it wasn't really smelling. After walking away for a couple days when we walked in boy did it smell. Even as we tore it down the smell was still there. Please note if you spray it on clothes take them outside. Son-in-law sprayed his clothes in the house and now when I vacuum it smells. Lesson learned.
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Reviewed by:  from Burbank, CA. on 11/18/2015
I had purchased Cotton Candy & Carnival Spooky Spray(s) for my clown themed haunt...such an amazing addition to the haunt. Smells just like it sounds !
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Reviewed by:  from Carson, Ca. on 10/15/2015
Amazing!! Must have scents!!
First the customer service is top notch and amazing! These guys are awesome to work with. I feel we have found real friends through them. We love these specific scents the most: Bite me, Haunted House "original version", Cotton candy, Crypt. My mother loves the trick or treat scent. You guys deserve FAR MORE credit than you have gotten. I and my family for Halloween this year will support fog it up! and we will let other know of your amazing fog scent additives and sprays 100% Thank you so much for being as kind and as loving as you are. From here on out you will be the ONLY place we will buy from. Thanks again. EAST LOCUST NIGHT TERROR!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Canton. on 6/19/2018
Mildew... one of the most accurate scents I got with my sample pack... I sprayed it in my car, just to see how bad it was. It's been toasty recently... I let it sit for a while to sort of incubate... I opened my door, and I was dry heaving all the way back into the house. Torture. Sweet... sweet... torture... FOR THE HAUNT!
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Reviewed by:  from Kims Krypt Haunted Mill . on 9/22/2016
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