LA Smog Fog Juice

LA Smog Fog Juice


LA Smog Fog Juice Extra Thick Fog Juice

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LA Smog Fog Juice
Fog It Up!
  • Density: Extra Thick

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LA Smog is an extra thick fog fluid that has an incredible hang time. It is perfect for those fog machines that are more powerful. It is recommended in Fog Machines that have over a 600 watt heater. With its thicker formula it may be a little rough on smaller machines. The fog blows away the competition especially all those Fog fluids that are colored with dye or come from popup Halloween stores.

  • Use in Water Based Fog Machines
  • Extra Thick Density
  • Long Hang time
  • Recommended for Fog machines over 600 watts
  • 7 staged filtered water for the cleanest water
  • FDA approved Ingredients used
  • Made in the USA
  • Haunted House
    We do a haunted house every year for the family kids and local kids. For the past two years I've used LA smog. Last year with two fogers going, I didn't use an entire gallon. Great fog. Thick heavy fog laying low. I ran it threw a fog chiller. It came out so thick it looked almost liquid and stayed right on the floor. I used the little bit of fog fluid I had left over from the year before for mock up of the haunted house. It was still clear and in great shape a year later. I'm a huge fan of this fluid. The fog juice so nice I bought it twice.
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    Reviewed by:  from Lessburg, New Jersey. on 11/18/2015
    Maze Director
    This is simply the best fog juice I have ever used. It produced thick amounts of fog for about 4 straight hours. I did not even go through the full container of juice in my fogger, there was plenty left over at the end of the night. Very happy and satisfied. This will be the only fog juice I use from now on! :-)
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    Reviewed by:  from La Habra. on 11/9/2015
    Holy thick a$$ fog!!!!
    So, I bought a gallon on the LA FOG. I set up one of my fog machines in my basement to test the fog juice out. I hit the fog machine remote for 2 long bursts. I couldn't see a thing in my basement. Then I went up to the first floor in my was totally fogged up also. It even traveled up through the heater vents and fog part of the second floor up also. This fog juice is the [email protected]!!!! Best fog juice I have ever used. I can't wait to use it in my fog chiller on Halloween in my front yard. I highly recommend "LA SMOG" juice to everyone!!!!!!
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    Reviewed by:  from Cleveland,Ohio. on 10/6/2015
    Mobile Dj
    I used LA Smog in a 1000 w fog machine, i pressed the button for 2 short burst, and instantly my room was smoked, it filled up my whole house in 45 seconds with two bursts. Best fog juice on the market
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    Reviewed by:  from Ca. on 9/25/2016
    Super heavy
    I ran a fairly large outdoor haunt this year and this fog juice was just what I needed. It seemed to stay in the air a lot longer then other brands I've used but also wasn't overbearing to cover the props. I bought 2 large jugs of it and had some left over for next year. Will definitely purchase this again
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    Reviewed by:  from Anaheim. on 11/18/2015
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